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Prophet Of Doom
Islams Terrorist Dogma, In Muhammads Own Words

By Craig Winn

...Islam has been at war with everyone, including itself, for 1400 years. In Prophet Of Doom you'll see why Muslims celebrate, no matter how many innocents perish. You'll learn why the Islamic media promotes terror. You'll know why Muslim schools teach hate. It will become evident why imams encourage martyrdom and jihad. You will discover Islam's goals and read what it has to say about itself. You will see how violent conquest, racist genocide, and the spoils of war established the doctrine and turned a failed prophet into a world-renowned profiteer. You will recognize that the Quran and Hadith are a declaration of war on all mankind...

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Letter To The Reader
Prologue What Would You Do?
Would You Believe?  (chapter 1)
Devils, Deceptions & Backrubs   (2)
I Dont Noah Bout This   (3)
Dishonest Abe (4)
Can Qusayy Scam? (5)
Heart of Darkness  (6)
With Whom Am I Speaking?  (7)
The Abused Abuser (8)
Demented Deity  (9)
Muddled Message  (10)
Satans Bargain  (11)
Delusions of Grandeur  (12)
The Pedophile Pirate  (13)
The Anti-Semite  (14)
War Made a Profit  (15)
Mein Kampf  (16)
Good Muslims Kill  (17)
Lustful Libertine  (18)
Islams Holocaust  (19)
The Tormented Terrorist  (20)
Blood & Booty  (21)
Legacy of Terror  (22)
Jihad  (23)
Profitable Prophet Plan  (24)
Prophet of Doom  (25)
Epilogue What Are You Going to Do?
Source Material Islams Dark Past
Topical Quotations Muhammad's Own Words:

I.   Fighting Terrorism War Jihad Martyrs/Mercenaries Muslim Militants

II.   Murder Torture Thievery & Slavery Peace, Islam Style Peaceful Muslims No Freedom, No Choice Deception Intolerance

Eye Witnesses Megalomania Inspiration Allah, Islam's Ilah Ar Rahman

Demons & Devils Predestination Muhammand's Morality Love of Money Lust Muhammad's Paradise Allah's Hell Jews

Christians Racism Women in Islam Stupidity Islamic Science Allah's Astronomy






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