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...July 27th, 1980    July 27th, 2006...
 The 26th anniversary of the passing away of
His Late Majesty Shahanshah Aryamehr. The Emperor of Iran.
Father of Modern Iran.
God Bless his soul.
Your Majesty Since your departure 26 years ago
Iranians are experiencing the darkest times in their history.
One Million killed in a needless War with Iraq.
Several hundred thousands executions which continues until now.
Several hundred thousands political prisoners.
Over seven million refugees across the world.
Over 67 million captives and hostages in their own country.
And Iran becoming the state sponsoring terrorism,
at war with modernity, peace and freedom.
Your Majesty:
You are greatly missed by millions.
    Mecca To Millions   
Al-Rafaa'ei Mosque, Cairo, Egypt.
The resting place of a great patriot,
Father of the Iranian nation,
& the founder of modern Iran.
The departure of  few leaders of world, have had
such an adverse affect on the future of a nation
as the tragic departure of the late Shahanshah of Iran had,
not only on his people but indeed on the peace and stability
of the of the Middle East and of the entire world.
God Bless his soul.


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