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Middle East Problems,
Americans To Blame Or The British?
Thanks for your E-mail.
I am sorry to disagree with you on the cause or the causes
of the recent troubles in the Middle East.
The Middle Eastern problems was not created by the
Lets not forget that it was the filthy tricky Brits who
destroyed the Ottoman Empire and it was the British who
in 1923, redrew the map of that region.
It was the Brits who created the Muslim Brotherhood of
Egypt, (Ekhwan-ol moslemin), in 1928. The Brits than helped
the creation of the Fadaaiyaan-e Eslaam, the Iranian version
of  the MBH in Iran in 1946.
In Egypt Hassan Al- Banna and in Iran Navvaab Safavi were
the leaders of those organisations. Both like Ayatollah
Khomeini were known British agents in their respective
Than again it was the British who with the aid of the BBC,
planed and plotted the overthrew of the progressive and
peace loving government of the late Shah of Iran in 1979.
Britain has been the main supporter of the terrorist regime
of the Mullahs ever since.
Than it was the terrorist Mullahs of Iran who in the early 80's
created, funded armed and supported the terrorist networks
such as Hamas and Hezbollah. There is no doubt that the
Brits were fully aware of the Mullahs involvement in Lebanon
and Palestine but they did nothing to stop them.
I am sure that the Brits knew but turned a blind eye on this
and other crimes of the Mullahs regime.
Today it is a hard but disturbing fact that for many years,
the top experts from the British foreign Office and While
Hall meet every wednesday in Tehran with the  the thugs
of the Islamic Republic in Iran's foreign Office, giving them
step by step guidance and advice.
The Brits brought nothing but death, destruction, division,
poverty and disaster where ever they set foot.  Instead they 
took away nations wealth, unity and pride from them.
The Middle Eastern and the African countries are suffering
for over 50 years thank to Britain's continued direct and
indirect aggression and interference.
Look at India or Pakistan today, once Britain's milking cows.
Look at Africa and the Middle East today.
Look at Iran 28 years after the mad Khomeini, the British
Bulldozer was returned to Iran.
In one word, Americans only inherited the troubles in four
corners of the world which was created by the filthy Brits in
the first place.
Once again thank you for your E-mail.
Mohammad-Reza Pardisan, London. 
 Hassan Al- Banna, The British agent.
Founder of Muslim Brotherhood of Egypt. 1928.
A dangerous ideology which is threatening the world.
Navvaab Safavi, The British agent.
Founder of the terrorist movement of
Fadaayiaan-e Eslaam in Iran. 1946.
He was responsible for many political assassinations in Iran.
Ruhollah Hindi Khomeini, The British agent.
Wrath of God & British Bulldozer.
Merciless, cold hearted, ruthless bloodsucker.
Destroyer of progressive & modern Iran. 1979.
Khomeini and his thugs murdered executed, tortured,
imprisoned displaced millions of Iranians.


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