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 An Encounter With
An English leftist,
An anti-Israeli Jew,
 A Pro-Mullahs & Iran-hater.
The British M.P., Gerald Kaufmam
Gerlad Bernard Kaufman is a leftist member of the British Parliament. He is
a communist agitator who would like to see the entire world handed over to the
communists. He frequently writes prejudiced articles in the leftist newspapers
such as the London Guardian.
As an outspoken enemy of the imperial government of Iran he was one of the
British politician who was actively involved in the overthrew of the late Shah of
Iran and the imposition of Khomeini's Islamic Republic in Iran in 1979.
He used the platform of the British House of Commons. (the British Parliament),
to criticise the late Shah of Iran with his baseless allegations. He wrote numerous
articles slandering the late Shah of Iran.
According to the British press in mid 90's, Gerald Kaufman accused the late
Shah of Iran of been another Hitler, who used human ovens to burn his political
opponents alive.
In London on Saturday, July 22nd, 2006,  there was a massive anti-Isreali
protest in support of the Hezbollah Lebanese terrorist organisation, organised by
left wing organisations such as the British trade unionists, communists and
Islamic agitators. Tarik Ali, the pakistani left wing agitator, George Galloway, the
disgraced British MP who supports Saddam Hussein and his so-called Respect
Party were amongst the organisers.
Gerald Kaufman was a participant in that pro-Hezbollah gathering. Many displayed
pictures of the Lebanese terrorist Seyed Hassan Nasrollah.
As I was entering in to the London Underground railway system in Green Parks, I 
saw Gerald Kaufman and immediately recognised him.
The following conversation took place between me and Gerald Kaufman,
Please read:
RP: Excuse me, are you Mr. Gerald Kaufman?
GK: Yes I am.
Are you still an M.P.? (MP = Member of the British Parliament.)
GK: Yes I am.
RP: Can you explain and clarify something for me please?
GK: Yes.
RP: In mid 90's, you refereed to the late Shah of Iran as another Hitler who threw
his political enemies alive in ovens. Can you please explain where was your
evidence on this matter? and do you have proof?
GK: I do not need to provide any evidence to you.
RP: But if you make such serious allegation, surly you need to have the proof too.
GK: Well, I cannot remember the exact wording but what I said is none of your
RP: As an Iranian I am very concerned about the continued British hostility and
your baseless allegations against the late Shah of Iran. Are you happy with what
Britain did to the Shah and my country?
GK: Yes, we did not like him and to us he was undesirable.
RP: Are you happy with what has been happening in Iran since the overthrew of
the Shah?
GK: Silent.
RP: Are you happy with the situation in the Middle East and what your favourite
Mullahs are doing there? Why Britain did this to Iran and the Middle East?
GK: British have done a lot of other things too but this does not give you the right
to complaint. You should be grateful for been allowed to stay in this country.
RP: Not at all, you've mad me and millions of other Iranians homeless refugees
and you are telling us that we should be grateful to you?
GK: If you do not like it than you should go back to your country. We do not need
you in this country.
RP: But I cannot go back to Iran and I have no choice but to stay in here.
GK: You are a bloody foreigner, f....k off, we do not want you here and go back
to Iran.
RP: As far as millions of Iranians are concerned, you have been a real bustard
towards our country and we will never forget your animosity towards the late Shah
and indeed your continued support for the Mullahs.
GK: So?
RP: For many years, you Brits stole our oil and now you have destroyed Iran,
Khomeini was you agent.
GK: So?
RP: You never cease the opportunity to criticise the Late Shah, can you explain
to me why you are not criticising the Mullahs for their systematic violation of
human rights in Iran?
GK: Go away, F....k off or I will call the police.
RP: Please call the police if you want to but tell me how would you like it if your
wife is stoned to death, your daughter raped in jail and your family tortured. Your
women were forced to cover themselves against there will. This is what your
Mullahs are doing to my country, eye extraction, stoning, amputation of limbs,
hangings on cranes.
GK: F....k of you bloody foreigner or I will call the police.


At this time the conversation ended and we went in different directions.
Get To Know
Iran-haters in Britain.
Who is
Gerald Bernard Kaufman. M.P.
Born on June 21st 1930 in Leeds, England.
Assistant general secretary of the Fabian Society from 1954 to 1955. {1}
Political journalist for Daily Mirror & New Statesman 1955 to 1965.
Labour Press officer under Harold Wilson in 1965.
Left wing member of the British Parliament for labour Party since 1970.
British minister in the 70's &
the former shadow Foreign Secretary 1983 to 1987.
Gerald Kaufman is a Jewish man who is also an anti Israel.
He has been advocating sanctions against Israel.
He refers to Israel as a Pariah State.
In 2004, Her Najesty the Queen offered him knighthood
and now he is being refereed to as Sir Gerald Kaufman.
{1} FABIAN: Is a British society which believes in bringing socialism 
to the world.The FABIANS were also instrumental in helping
Khomeini's bloody revolution of 1979, in Iran.


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