What do you Needs to Know About Jihad ?

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This week, the David Horowitz Freedom Center (DHFC) launched the second flash video of its Terrorism Awareness Project. What Every American Needs to Know About Jihad reviews the history of recent terrorist attacks against America and the West and reveals the objectives of radical jihadists. The video is a dramatic four-minute warning that the agenda of jihad is global domination and that a world war has already begun. TAP will be emailing this video to more than one million Americans and tens of thousands of university students and professors. To view it, please follow this link.
The DHFC created the Terrorism Awareness Project on January 31st to combat complacency on college campuses about the intentions of the radical Islamists who declared a holy war on the United States and the West as long ago as 1979, and also to reveal the active support the jihad receives from radical professors and student groups who regard America as the Great Satan and the terrorists as freedom fighters. "If one thing was clear in the aftermath of the attack (of 9/11), it was this: the terrorists would be back," said Stephen Miller, a senior at Duke University and the Project's national coordinator. "But because of the campaign by the 'anti-war' movement, our populace as a whole is ignorant of the threat, doesn't know the enemy, and is unaware of its true intent, capabilities and resolve. This is especially true of college students who face a daily barrage of anti-war and anti-American propaganda. The Terrorism Awareness P roject is designed to make them aware of the threat of jihad and the struggle that lies ahead if this nation is to survive."
Although TAP is less than a month old, it has also produced three acclaimed pamphlets The Nazi Roots of Palestinian Nationalism, The Islamic Mein Kampf, and What Americans need to know About Jihad to inform Americans and students in particular of the dangers they face. All pamphlets can be downloaded at no charge on our website, www.terrorismawareness.org.
What Americans Need to Know About Jihad, is also the message of a print ad the TAP project has placed in college newspapers around the country. So far, student publications at Duke, the University of North Carolina, Brandeis, Texas, Wisconsin, DePaul, Emory, University of California-Irvine, University of California-Davis, San Francisco State University and Pace College have run the ad, which means that it has been seen by over half a million members of these academic communities. On the other hand, campus newspapers at Georgia Tech, Purdue, University of Pennsylvania, Michigan, Columbia, University of California-Berkeley and New York University have rejected the ad on the grounds that it was 'offensive.' Apparently, college leftists think that it is offensive to point out that a holy war has been declared on women, gays, Jews, Christians and other 'infidels.' That is the blunt message of the ad TAP has produced.
In the furor created by these rejections, TAP National Coordinator Miller appeared on Fox News, CNN, and other media venues to criticize the assault on free speech and point out that it indicates the extent of covert support for jihad on campus today.
In addition to mobilizing opinion on campus, the Terrorism Awareness Project has also acted as a catalyst for student activism. Since January 31, 170,000 individuals have visited the TAP website, www.terrorismawareness.org, an average of more than 50,000 per week. Chapters of TAP are already in formation on sixty-five campuses across the country.
TAP chapters are now functioning at Columbia University, Duke, Georgia Tech, the University of Colorado, University of California at Davis, University of Wisconsin, among others and coordinators are distributing pamphlets, setting up panel discussions with experts on terrorism, and planning showings of the anti-jihad video "Obsession," as they work toward holding campus-wide Terrorism Awareness Days and Months. The first Terrorism Awareness Days featuring a showing of the film "Obsession" have been scheduled at Duke University and at Columbia, where it will be jointly hosted by the campus TAP chapter and the College Republicans and College Democrats. In other words, TAP has already begun to forge the bi-partisan anti-terrorist coalition that has been so difficult to achieve at the national level.
For information on how to form a TAP chapter or support one, please go to www.terrorismawareness.org.


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