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 (gē-o͝om′rē, gyo͝om-rē′) or Ku·may·ri (ko͞o-mā′rē, -mā-rē′)
A city of northwest Armenia southwest of Tbilisi, Georgia. It was founded on the site of a Turkish fortress. From 1924 to 1990 the city was called Leninakan.
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As an example, the Russian expert cited the seemingly unobtrusive fact about the fine imposed on the Russian military base in Gyumri.
Local media said protests were also underway in Armenia's two other big cities - Gyumri and Vanadzor.
Cranborne, United Kingdom, February 18, 2016 --( Last week, the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets (FPWC) in collaboration with the Worldwide Veterinary Service (WVS) have organised the rescue of the Gyumri Zoo lioness Mery and her cubs Zita and Gita to the Caucasus Wildlife Refuge, a privately protected area managed by the FPWC.
In July 2001, the units at Erebuni were incorporated into an air division of the Russian 102nd Military Base in Gyumri, Armenia.
This was assured on August during an interview in Gyumri with Prime Minister of Armenia Hovik Abrahamyan.
Zrinjski (Bosnia & Herzegovina) -- Shirak Gyumri (Armenia) 2-1 (halftime: 0-0) First leg: Shirak Gyumri -- Zrinjski 2-0.
Northern regional centre Gyumri, the second largest city in Armenia, was an industrial hub before the Spitak earthquake and due to a high degree of integration in the Soviet economy, Gyumri was subject to a socialeconomic collapse.
It was announced at the rally that a group of young activists began a sit-in demonstration in the second largest city of Armenia - Gyumri. The protesters urged to start similar rallies in other cities too.
the military base in the Armenian city of Gyumri. But this will hardly satisfy the Russians.
Kardashian, along with husband Kanye West, their daughter and her sister Khloe on Saturday were in Gyumri, a city 90 kilometers (55 miles) northwest of the capital Yerevan, where records show some Kardashian ancestors lived.
The violence erupted when thousands of protesters in Gyumri tried to march on the Russian consulate in Armenia's second-largest city.